Show off your artistic side!

The wait is finally over - Nintendo has announced that this Friday, the long-awaited free DSiWare application Flipnote Studio will finally be made available in Europe.

Japan has already had this app since 2008: in fact, it was one of the very first DSiWare releases they got. Since then, they've even had a major update to the game adding new features and fixing some small bugs. It appears we will immediately be getting this second version instead of having to wait for it as well.

Flipnote Studio allows you to draw your own images, but don't think that's it - you can then put multiple images together to form a short animation, and even add sound to it. These animations can then be uploaded to a special site for the game to show off to everyone on the internet. And don't worry: upon the application's release in Europe, the site will be available in English as well, not just Japanese.

Just like in Japan, Flipnote Studio will be completely free, so you have absolutely no excuse not to get it. We wonder what else will be made available on Friday?