He really must not like his neighbors

Three months from release, Activision is starting to unravel what exactly it plans on doing with the Wii version of it's mammoth success story Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. As it turns out, they have quite a lot planned for it.

Treyarch, the developer behind Call of Duty: World at War, will be handling the port duties and they aim to bring everything gamers loved about Modern Warfare to Nintendo's little white box. That includes all of the multiplayer features: modes, perks, unlocks and leveling. The game supports up to 10 players online, which is two more than World at War Wii but eight fewer than the source material. More streamlined friend support is also in the cards. Sadly, WiiSpeak support will be left out.

New for the Wii version is a co-op mode similar to Super Mario Galaxy's. A second player can pick up a 'mote of their own and control a second on-screen cursor. They'll have no control over the character's movement or aim direction, but they'll be able to blast away at baddies and pick up items. MotionPlus will not be used, but the game will be fully compatible with the Zapper. Controls also promise to be fully customizable a la The Conduit.

The screens look a little rough, but we're reserving judgement until we play it. Modern Warfare releases on November 10 in North America, the same day Modern Warfare 2 hits the HD consoles.

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