Possibly on its way to a Nintendo platform near you

PopCap Games, best known for their beyond-successful Peggle and Bejeweled series', are one of the biggest names in so-called casual gaming. So far, though, their console support has been limited to only a handful of releases on DS and Xbox Live Arcade (and some iPhone stuff), curiously lacking any releases for the world's current most popular home console. What gives?

According to Garth Chouteau, PopCap's senior director of public relations via Kombo, that'll change. Eventually.

We have multiple titles in the works for DSi, Xbox, PSN and we're starting to work on Wii games. So, we'll get there; but it is a little far from our real comfort zone. We're still experimenting, you know, getting a lay of the land, and figuring out how best to adapt our games...

Wii and DSi shouldn't be too far from their comfort zone, as the two systems known for their large library of casual fare also have the closest forms of input devices to the PC. Games like Bejeweled and the new Plants vs. Zombies use the mouse as their main input, and a port to Wii, retail or downloadable, should be a piece of cake and highly profitable. Peggle has already seen a few iterations on the DS and Xbox Live Arcade, and it seems that series has been used to get the developer's feet wet.

...Peggle for XBLA is a good example of a game that we took that was popular on the PC and we spent probably twice as long as anyone else would have figuring how to make that game really good for Xbox and Xbox Live Arcade, and I think you will see that with Plants Vs. Zombies -- I don't know the exact order in which that game will make its way onto other platforms, but it's certainly been successful enough, quickly enough, that we're looking at other platforms and deciding where we'll take that game next...

I'd be pleased as punch to give it a whirl on Wii, as I seem to not be able to get enough of this whole zombie renaissance going on. Plants are pretty cool, too.

[source kombo.com]