Not to be outdone by Commander Video's Meat Makeover we have now learnt that the upcoming WiiWare game, Furry Legends will feature a cameo from none other than Nyx from the rather excellent NyxQuest: Kindred Spirits!

Here’s what the guys at Gamelion had to say on their Twitter page today:

Hidden character in Furry Legends! Nyx from NyxQuest will have a guest appearance in Furry Legends

That’s pretty cool news and is a sure sign that OverTheTopGames have faith in Gamelion to deliver a top quality game in Furry Legends when it is released on WiiWare later this year. We awarded NyxQuest an impressive 9/10 in our review last month. Let’s hope that it hits North America very soon.

Also don't forget to read our Furry Legends interview from way back in March for a better idea of what to expect in this game.

So who would your ideal WiiWare coupling be then? Toki Tori in the World of Goo? Toku from LostWinds getting his hair cut by a Bonsai Barber? The possibilities are endless!