Behold the slightly-less pixelated Commander Video!

This story has been out for a few days, and Team Meat let it slip awhile ago that Commander Video would make a cameo, but we're just so anxious for Super Meat Boy that we couldn't help but to devote another post to it: Edmund McMillen recently posted a design of the meat'd version of the Bit.Trip star.

Published on the Super Meat Boy's development blog, the post also contains brief information about the upcoming WiiWare title: McMillen mentions that the developers plan to have in-game footage available to the public within the next two months. A "where" or "exactly when" wasn't provided, so we'll have to make do with a Commander Video image for now.

This gets us excited for other indie game stars. We've already seen designs for Braid's Tim and Alien Hominid as well as hints of Gish. This blogger would like to take the opportunity to officially nominate Cave Story's Quote and Scribblenauts' Maxwell as additional hidden indie characters.