Cute wizards battling using monsters, what next?

Aside from Electroplankton, last week was possibly the driest Japanese download week in living memory. Nintendo has made up for the WiiWare break last week with five new WiiWare titles in addition to two new Virtual Console Arcade titles and a slew of Game and Watch titles for the DSiWare service.

Marcel has already posted the news on Game & Watch coming to DSiWare, so be sure to read up on the full list of titles here. Four are being released next Wednesday with two more on the 29th and then a further three with dates to be announced in August. All Game & Watch titles will be 200pts each.

The Virtual Console Arcade releases are Burning Force from Namco, a futuristic jet ski title similar to Space Harrier, and Sega action platforming classic Shinobi which should please many fans. As with all Virtual Console Arcade titles in Japan these are both 800pts.

The five WiiWare titles cover a range of genres, even if they're from developers unknown outside of Japan:

Kentei TV! Wii (1000pts - Kosaido Co., Ltd.) --TV Quiz show game for 1-4 players and includes a few games modes and mini-games.

Hirameki Card Battle Mekuruka (1000pts - Tom Create) -- virtual card/board game featuring super-cute characters in a fantasy setting. Has 1-2 player local or online play.

Mebius Drive (800pts - Jorudan Co., Ltd.) -- a racing game where players race what look like Formula One cars through various tracks including dirt and city streets. Features local splitscreen play for 1-2 players and online play with 2-8 including ranking tables.

Fish Eyes Challenge (500pts - Marvelous Entertainment) -- Fishing game called Reel Fishing Challenge in North America.

Finally we have an application that many people could use:

Easy No Smoking Wii App (1000pts - Silver Star Japan) -- no this isn't software to stop your Wii from overheating; rather it's a programme designed to help people track their efforts to stop smoking. This is something that would seem more suited to the DS/DSi, but could herald the coming of more utility programs for WiiWare which I'm sure all Nintendo Life readers would welcome.