Chef and other classics, on your DSi soon!

It seemed like a pretty quiet month for Japan - With just three VC games initially announced for a July release and this week having no WiiWare games at all it almost looked as if Nintendo was actually running out of games to release!

It seems like it was all a ruse to surprise us with today's news though - Starting next week in Japan, Nintendo will be releasing Game & Watch games on DSiWare! If you know your Nintendo history, you'll know that the Game & Watch games were the very first handhelds Nintendo ever made.

Released from 1980 all the way to 1991, the games were divided into 10 different "series," such as fairly standard Silver, Gold, Wide Screen and New Wide Screen games, Tabletop games, which looked like miniature arcade cabinets, and Multi Screen games, which were the direct inspiration for the look of the DS!

It seems like Nintendo will start from the beginning - The first 9 Game & Watch games to hit DSiWare will be from the first four series of games. To start off, next week, on July 15th, Japan will get four games from the very first series, Silver, from 1980:

Nintendo have also already announced five further games, but these won't be released until the end of July and August. They are:

All games will cost the very minimum DSiWare price - 200 points! No plans for western releases have been announced yet, but come on, Nintendo wouldn't let us miss out on something as awesome as this, would they?