Sure beats a multiplayer skin.

The beautiful Muramasa: The Demon Blade is set for a North American release this fall. Huzzah! If you've been on the fence about making it a Day 1, maybe this little nugget'll help tip the scales.

Over in Japan, pre-order patrons could net themselves a pretty stellar five-foot scroll of character and stage art, which is up on the higher end of early adopter bonuses in our book. According to Joystiq, it looks like that scroll will be making it state-side via GameStop.

No word on whether or not the back of the GameStop scroll will feature the same stage art as its Japanese counterpart, or really any art on the back at all. Fingers are firmly crossed for that. The retailer also lists a Sept. 1 release date, which just so happens to be a Tuesday. Could this be the big day? Fingers in knots for that one.

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