Nintendo leaves Japanese gamers black and blue. That's the spirit.

Hot off the heels of Nintendo's announcement concerning the stylish new black Wii and red DSi designs, Japanese Wii owners will soon have another chance to snag some colourful new swag.

Customers who register their Wii Sports Resort game through the Club Nintendo Japan website between June 25 and August 1 will go in the running to win one of five thousand Club Nintendo-exclusive Wii Sports Resort controller packs consisting of a Wii Remote, Nunchuk and MotionPlus accessory, all tinted in a refreshing sky-blue hue. Neat, innit?

Considering the somewhat lacklustre support given to Club Nintendo across North America, Europe and Australia it seems unlikely that the same offer will be extended worldwide. Hey, at least you can wipe away your tears with your oh-so-coveted Mario-print face towel. Er, thanks, Nintendo.

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