A black Wii. Yesterday.

When the Wii was first revealed all those years ago, Nintendo showed off a wide range of colours you'd be able to buy the machine in, ranging from fire red to vomit green. Sadly when it came to launch only the white console was available, but Nintendo Japan are finally ready to deliver on some of that early pigmentary promise by releasing their popular home console in the daring colour of... black!

From the 1st of August this year our Japanese cousins - or at least the two of them yet to buy a Wii console - can choose a black option, complete with very cool-looking black accessories including Remotes, Nunchuks and the revamped Classic Controller Pro.

That's not all! There's also a brand new red flavour of DSi just unveiled, due to hit Japanese shelves on July 11th. Judging from the popularity and sustained rarity of the red DS Lites, this new colour is sure to sell unbelievably well, and joins the other Japan-exclusive colours of green, pink and blue.

As of yet there's no news on if or when these colours are due to hit the Western markets, but as soon as we know anything, you'll know too.

[source nintendo.co.jp]