Gimme gimme gimme

If you’re not exclusively a Nintendo gamer you’ll be used to coming across special edition game releases. Heck almost every game on the Xbox 360 seems to get them now. If you’re a fan of the franchise having all the extra stuff can make you feel quite smug when you know the average man on the street will just have the bog standard green DVD case, you know it will look good next to your Battlestar Galactica DVD boxsets.

Wii games rarely see special edition releases, but Sega are obviously wanting to send out a message with its release of The Conduit. UK based etailer are offering a special edition which costs just £29.99, the usual price for a Wii game.

Here’s what the special edition will contain:

  • The Conduit game
  • Embossed, silver-effect slipcase packaging
  • Hints & Tips Guide
  • Three unlockable items: Re-skinned all-seeing eye, Agent skin for multiplayer and Drone skin for single-player


If you live in the USA, you might want to check out Gamestop for what looks like a similar package.

If you have been living in a cave for the past year and have missed out on all the hype surrounding this ambitious Wii based FPS then we recommend you catch up with our first impressions by none other than Nintendo Life’s resident studmuffin, Tom.

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