Kick some dragon head!

The DSiWare service seems to be taking another holiday next week, but the Wii gets another six downloads with three new WiiWare titles and three new VC titles.

No real surprises here as these games have been forecast in the press previously (the VC ones only today!).

WiiWare titles for the 2nd of June:

Okiraku Daifugoo (500pts.) -- a collection of card games complete with online play for from Arc System Works

Bang Bang Kids (800pts.) -- the deathmatch game for everyone where you use water pistols rather than the lead-flinging variety -- courtesy of Hudson Soft.

Order (1000pts.) -- a retro-looking sim/quest/rpg game from Poi Soft where you control a king and send adventurers off on quests and try to expand your influence. Hopefully this one will be localised for other services as it looks pretty interesting!

Order people about!

Virtual Console Arcade releases for 2nd of June:

Altered Beast (800pts.) -- The 2nd Virtual Console Arcade title from Sega and much beloved by many Sega fans who will remember the port was the pack-in cart for the Megadrive/Genesis when it launched.

Hopping Mappy (800pts.) -- Little known arcade sequel to Mappy which has a completely different play mechanic.

Virtual Console Super Famicom release for 2nd of June:

Super Wagyan Land (800pts.) -- Another in a series of platform games from Namco.