"We sold how many?"

Cartoony platformer Klonoa's Wiimake has enjoyed critical success, which must make Namco pleased as punch over the decision to resurrect the series. So does that mean sequels are imminent?

That one falls under a big fat "maybe," as the series creator, Hideo Yoshizawa, told Nintendo Power that critics ain't everything, y'all:

Nintendo Power: You've mentioned in previous interviews that you would love to work on a brand new Klonoa some day. Do you really have some ideas in mind for Klonoa 3?

Hideo Yoshizawa: I'm always thinking about the scenario and new gameplay ideas, but it all depends on the sales of the new Wii game, so I can't say anything derivative.

We'll have to wait another couple weeks to get NPD sales results on the remake. Somewhere, Matthew Perry is surely on edge.

[source gonintendo.com]