The wait is getting painful now

In a recent interview with Destructoid, High Voltage Software confirmed that their highly anticipated first-person shooter will not have any downloadable content.

Destructoid: I know the Wii isn’t known for being DLC friendly, however, could we see DLC for The Conduit?

Eric Nofsinger: For The Conduit, there will not be downloadable content, but that’s something that’s definitely on our radar. With the version 4 update to the Wii, it’s incredible. I know for myself, I’m doing a lot more WiiWare right now, now that I have the space to put stuff on there. It’s definitely something we are aware that first-person shooter fans like is being able to download maps, download weapons, download new skins. It’s great for developers, as it’s a steady, incremental revenue streams, and it’s great for players, as it extends the gameplay in new and meaningful ways. All the way around, we are keenly aware, and it’s definitely something to keep an eye out for what we have cooking in the future.

Also worth mentioning is that High Voltage has said to expect some "cool announcements" from them during E3 and that they're busy developing some new WiiWare titles. While we weren't all that fond of the last title they developed, we still look forward to their future WiiWare projects and The Conduit.