Below is a statement made by Capcom Corporate Officer/VP of Strategic Planning & Business Development Christian Svensson regarding Capcom's thoughts on Nintendo's recent announcements at the GDC.

Code execution from SDROM we were not pre-briefed on (or at least I wasn’t). Arcade we’ve known about for a good while…I’ve got no news to share on this [Virtual Console Arcade]. Sorry. ….I’m not commenting on specific titles at this time BUT…They’ve fixed something (regarding storage) for consumers which is fantastic… the question is, does this change allow for a change in the filesize limitations that the Wiiware program has had. That was notably absent from Iwata’s keynote but is a question I will be following up on with our reps at Nintendo. I’m hopeful.

It's certainly no secret that Capcom has quite the impressive catalog of arcade titles in their vault, so it pretty much goes without saying that they'll be heavily involved with the new Virtual Console Arcade service.

Even the mere thought of playing the Ghosts & Goblins games on the Virtual Console Arcade puts quite a smile on our faces, not to mention the tons of other great Capcom titles that come to mind.

What games would you like to see Capcom bring to the Virtual Console Arcade service?

Source: GoNintendo