That game is Lonpos, which has been available in Japan since WiiWare launched for them! Lonpos is yet another puzzle game - The objective is to rotate various shapes to place them all on a board. There's usually only one correct solution, so you'll usually have to carefully think stuff over or experiment quite a bit with some moves before finding the correct solution. The game costs a whole 800 Wii Points, and if that wasn't enough, there's downloadable content! We're not yet sure how much it costs in the European version, but in Japan, there were 9 DLC packs which cost 500 Wii Points each (4500 total!), making it the most expensive WiiWare game by far if you want everything!

Sadly that's it this week! We were hoping for the rather intriguing Snowboard Riot to be released this week (As it is planned for January), but it appears it will be coming out in two weeks instead.