The screens are very small, but we can at least tell a few things by looking at them closely - It has the same minimalistic graphical style as the original game (Available on VC), features new levels, and has 4-player support!

The Famitsu article also reveals that the game is taking a page from Taito's other WiiWare game, Space Invaders Get Even - The game will have DLC! For 800 Wii Points you'll get 100 classic stages, 100 new stages, and "hard" versions of all of those levels - There will be two DLC packs with 50 "very hard" stages each. These packs will cost 200 Wii Points each.

The latest Famitsu does not have any information on Taito's other upcoming retro WiiWare remake, Rainbow Island Tower, but we assume it is coming out later this year.