Finally, Europe gets Goo action!

First up with have the sublime World of Goo, what more can be said about this great game which hasn’t already been said? If you been living in a cave or something then why not check out our World of Goo review to find out more? It is the only game we have awarded the mighty 10/10 accolade to thus far! Sure it’s not the cheapest WiiWare game at 1500 Wii points but trust us, it’s worth it.

Next in the Yuletide stocking is Art Style: Orbient which is better than finding a satsuma and a walnut let me tell you! Prepare yourself for a crazy gravitational experience which is second to none. We liked it so much when it hit the USA in September that we rated it 8/10. For only 600 Wii points this is a steal.

If all this wasn’t enough for you, next we have Sudoku Challenge! People can’t seem to get enough of these taxing little puzzles, throw away your newspaper old man! The only way to play Sudoku in style is on the Wii. We rated this a competent 6/10 when it came out last month Stateside. If only Digital Leisure was able to secure the rights to the lovely Carol Vorderman then who knows how great this might have been? For the paltry entrance price of just 500 Wii points and with more Sudoku puzzles than you could play in 10 lifetimes it is surely the bargain of year!

Last, but by no means least is Bplus’ Niki – Rock 'n' Ball. Now it is no secret that we didn’t think much of Bplus’ first attempt on the WiiWare service, but let us put the past aside on this glorious day. This is the time for goodwill to all men, Christmas cheer and general merriment. At only 500 Wii points and judging from the screenshots and videos we have seen of this game, dare we say – go ahead and try it before our review! What have you got to lose really?

A mighty fine WiiWare week I am sure you will agree? This lot should keep you busy thoughout Christmas and beyond.