A weird and wonderful combination of puzzle and shooting, Plättchen has been in development for what seems like an eternity (it was actually the first confirmed WiiWare title, fact fans) and to be honest we’re still not 100% sure the concept is going to hold water. However, it looks gorgeous and as always we will be putting any reservations aside until we can get our sweaty palms on the finished article.

You may have read elsewhere that Plättchen would be released on 7th July which is coincidentally the fifth birthday of Bplus! Sadly it seems some changes needed to be made late in the day which should make the game even better. For this reason the game is now delayed slightly while Nintendo check it over one more time.

The game will be retailing for a muscular 1,500 Wii points (ouch), so you might want to wait for our review before splashing out all that (virtual) cash. In the meantime, why not check out our exclusive interview with Bplus?