Pirates480 X360

The "new" game of the bunch is Pirates: The Key of Dreams, in which you can play as a pirate, sailing the seas, recruiting new men, battling other ships, finding treasure and talking to people in towns, all leading to the ultimate goal: Finding the "Key of Dreams". The game is a prequel to the now released DS game Pirates: Duels on the High Seas. Obviously we don't have a review already, but if you want to find out some more about the game, you could read the interview we had with the game's developer, Oxygen Games. The game costs 1000 Wii Points. If in doubt just wait for our review which will be coming soon.

Today's other game was released in the USA the week before last and is already somewhat notorious. SPOGS Racing makes you play as "SPOGS Racers", basically wheels with a pog inside (You know them, those things you could get in potato chip bags in the 90's!) as you race through extremely bland landscapes to place first. There's also an interesting mechanic where you can steal parts of other Racers. However, we already reviewed the game when it was released in the US, and it was (And obviously, still is) the lowest rated WiiWare game currently released. Download with extreme caution! This game also costs 1000 Wii Points.

That's all today! Next week is most likely Virtual Console week in Europe again, so you'll have to wait for the week after!

Note: Australia and New Zealand didn't get SPOGS Racing today for some reason. Consider yourself lucky!