WiiWare gamers can't get enough of Defend Your Castle!

We did a report on this last week so this week we have data to show how games have moved in a 7 day period. This list only applies for the USA region however, if you live somewhere else in the world, to check for yourself why not log on to your Wii Shop channel and view “Popular Games” and post them below?

Here is the list for 11th June:

1 (1) - Dr Mario Online Rx
2 (2) - Defend your Castle
3 (N) - My Pokémon Ranch
4 (3) - Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King
5 (4) - TV Show King
6 (6) - Family Table Tennis
7 (5) - LostWinds
8 (11) - Toki Tori
9 (7) - Pop
10 (12) - Protöthea
11 (8) - V.I.P. Casino: Blackjack
12 (9) - Star Soldier R
13 (10) - Critter Round-Up

N refers to new title

There are no surprises that Dr Mario held its position, and indeed Pokemon Ranch appearing in third place so soon after it got released. The Virtual Console top 20 is dominated by first party Nintendo titles so why would WiiWare be any different?

It is great to see Defend Your Castle hold its own for another week. It just shows that even a more basic game can succeed at the right price point, for 500 points it is hard to argue with this entertaining game.

It is also good to see Toki Tori rise three places since last week, the word is obviously getting out there in Internet land. Poor old Critter Round-Up is last this week, oh what a shame!

What are your thoughts on this week’s “most popular” games?