No wonder he's looking so pleased with himself

For those of you that follow the fortunes of the Virtual Console service, you’ll know that Mario games regularly top the sales charts. In fact ‘regularly’ is probably the wrong word; ‘always’ is a more accurate term.

Nintendo’s most famous creation has a pulling power that other brands would kill for; putting his face on even the most average of games causes it to sell like cakes that are exceedingly hot. It should therefore come as no surprise to see Dr Mario Online Rx sitting pretty at the top of the chart.

1 - Dr Mario Online Rx
2 - Defend your Castle
3 - Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King
4 - TV Show King
5 - LostWinds
6 - Family Table Tennis
7 - Pop
8 - V.I.P. Casino: Blackjack
9 - Star Soldier R
10 - Critter Round-Up

It’s interesting to see that Defend your Castle is still pulling in impressive business – and to think many doubted the appeal of a WiiWare game that is based on a title you can obtain freely on the Internet.

Recent releases Toki Tori and Protöthea just missed out on being in the top 10, but this is probably down to the fact that they're quite new - expect to see them in next week's chart.