If you like crazy shmups you'll love Star Parodier!

The first import shooter this week is Star Parodier on the Turbografx. After Konami made a wacky spin-off of Gradius called Parodius, Hudson Soft got the idea to do the same, and created this spin-off of Star Soldier. Aside from being able to play as the regular Star Soldier ship, you can play as Bomberman and a PC Engine (Japanese version of the Turbografx)! The graphics are also very cartoon-like and light-hearted, with some rather comedic situations. The game was actually planned to be released outside Japan as "Fantasy Star Soldier", but this never happened. If you like strange shooters you'll love this! The game costs 900 Wii Points because it's an import.

The second import shooter is Gley Lancer on the Mega Drive. Due to the rather great anime-style cutscenes the game has, coupled with the addictive gameplay, it's usually among the most desired import games of Mega Drive game collectors. The main "draw" of the game are that you can have two additional turrets (One above you and one below) which shoot a whole variety of different beams, like lasers, reflecting shots, and more. It's also possible to increase and decrease your speed, which means you can decide how fast you get to move around the screen. It's by no means a perfect shooter, but it's certainly a great one! This game is also 900 Wii Points.

Today's final import isn't so hot - Digital Champ: Battle Boxing is basically Super Punch-Out!!, except that the controls are not quite as good as those of its peer, and the opponents are nowhere near as stereotypical and interesting as those in the Punch-Out!! series. It's not completely bad though, so if you like boxing games it might be worth a shot. It costs 700 Wii Points.

According to Nintendo of Europe this is the last week of the Hanabi Festival, so, sorry, but DoReMi Fantasy: Milon no DokiDoki Daibouken isn't coming just yet!