Number of Players
1 (Single Player)
Release Date

Mega Drive

  • JP 17th Jul 1992

Wii (Wii Shop)

  • US 21st Jul 2008, 900 points
  • EU 16th May 2008, 900 points
  • JP 26th Feb 2008, 600 points


  • Review Gley Lancer (Virtual Console / Sega Mega Drive)

    In the year 2025, a war breaks out between humans and a hostile alien race.

    The Virtual Console certainly isn’t short of 2D shooters. We’ve seen some excellent (and not so excellent) examples of the genre come and go, but most of the games we’ve experienced so far are retro classics and will have been familiar to fans already. Gley Lancer, on...

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Gley Lancer News

  • Talking Point Are Retro Repro Firms Exploiting Demand With Shoddy Products?

    Gleylancer is the latest to disappoint

    Given that many of retro gaming's most collectable items now sell for hundreds (and occasionally thousands) of dollars, it's unsurprisingly that enterprising companies are turning their hand to officially-licenced reprints to satisfy demand and make a quick buck in the process. The latest example of this is...

  • News One Of Retro Gaming's Most Collectable Shmups Is Getting A Cheap Reprint

    No need to remortgage

    If you're familiar with collecting rare Japanese retro games, then the name Advanced Busterhawk Gley Lancer will no doubt ring a bell. Released exclusively in Japan in 1992, this horizontally-scrolling shooter from Masaya barely caused a ripple in the west at the time of release – partly because it was never published in the...

  • News USA VC Update: Super Fantasy Zone and Gley Lancer

    If you're desperately hoping for another TurboGrafx-16 game to be released soon, you might've noticed that Hudson's site listed Star Parodier and Break In to be released today. Sadly this is not the case, as in a strange twist of fate two different games have been released instead. Both of them are shooters, both of them are on the Genesis, both of them are imports, and both of them were already released in Europe quite a while ago.

    Super Fantasy Zone is the last game in the Fantasy Zone series. It is quite...

  • News EU VC Releases - 16th May - Third Hanabi Festival Week

    If you're a shooter fan you're in real luck this week: There's two import shooters, and both of them are generally considered to be fantastic and some of the best the genre has to offer. There's also an import boxing game.

    The first import shooter this week is Star Parodier on the Turbografx. After Konami made a wacky spin-off of Gradius called...

  • News Star Parodier and other imports in the next Hanabi festival

    In today's Nintendo Europe news in a rare moment of transparency from Nintendo we now know what to expect from the next Hanabi festival:

    Over the coming weeks, you’ll also be able to enjoy other never-before-seen greats such as Gley Lancer (SEGA MEGA DRIVE), Cho Aniki (Muscle Brothers) (Turbografx), Puyo Puyo 2 (SEGA MEGA DRIVE) and Star Parodier...

  • News OFLC Update - Another Konami Import Title

    In an OFLC update today, three more titles have been rated for eventual Australia release (As always, this should most likely mean they will also come to Europe).

    The only "new" game of the bunch is Bio Miracle Bokutte Upa (Bio Miracle Baby Upa), a Kirby-esque game starring a baby called Upa. This baby would later appear in a few of...

  • News USK update - Four new Sega games: Phantasy Star, Gley Lancer

    The USK is the German equivalent of the PEGI, ESRB, OFLC and all those other rating groups. They have been known to rate VC games occasionally, however, they never add the ratings to their site. Sometimes, though, they slip up and accidentally add them as Wii games - This is the case today, as they've added four new games which are all published by Sega, and are all Mega Drive games. The games are as follows:

    Gley Lancer (Import): This shooter by NCS (The makers of Cybernator, among other games) never made it out of Japan, but still has...

About The Game

In the year 2025, a war breaks out between humans and a hostile alien race, and 16-year-old Lucia and the rest of the starfighter pilots in the Earth Federation must join the battle. When Lucia’s father is kidnapped by the aliens, she decides to take action and hijacks a brand new prototype starfighter, the Gley Lancer, in order to try to save him.

In this side-scrolling shooter, step into the cockpit of the Gley Lancer as Lucia, rescue your father and destroy the evil aliens that are bent on destroying the human race.