The Arctic Monkeys = No More Heroes? You decide

No More Heroes isn’t available in the West yet but creator Goichi Suda (AKA Suda-51) is already thinking about producing a follow up.

I'm really willing to make a sequel version and right now I'm asking if it can be made...I think No More Heroes is a great game, there's no other action game like it for the Wii. If it was a band, it would be really energetic, like the Arctic Monkeys.

He also expanded on why the US was getting a more gore-filled version while European gamers would have to make do with a far tamer edition, similar to the Japanese release:

In the European and Japanese versions, there's more of an action style to the game. For instance, when you kill characters in this version of the game, the coins come out straight away... And the American market has more of a predilection to a more violent version. I don't want anyone to misunderstand--neither version is better. I love both versions.

The chance of a sequel may be determined by how well the game performs in the West. As we reported a while back, it has flopped spectacularly in Japan.

No More Heroes is released on January 22nd in the US and February 29th in the UK.