Sadness is a game that many Wii owners got excited about when it was first ‘announced’ by developer Nibris quite some time ago. The concept of a stylish black & white survival horror positively dripped tension and foreboding, and the production artwork looked extremely intriguing. However, following on from rumours that the game had been canned, it seems that Sadness hasn’t progressed any further than being a rough concept.

Even Nintendo deny its existence:

At this time, Sadness has not been announced for release on the Wii console. Since this title would most likely come from one of our third-party licensees, I’d suggest contacting them for more information.

Considering how long ago Nibris started promoting this title, it's somewhat worrying that the company hasn't even informed Nintendo of its intention to develop the game for the Wii. Seems like Sadness is vapourware of the highest order, then.