New Duck Hunt?

It seems that the son of a Hudsonsoft employee recently stumbled upon a disc containing an updated edition of Duck Hunt for the Wii, and then made a video of someone playing it.

Our first question would be why did someone at Hudsonsoft have the disc when you would assume this to be a first-party Nintendo game, and secondly, this would surely be a WiiWare release and not a disc-based Wii game.

Hardcore VC fans will remember that the original NES Duck Hunt was ESRB rated a while back, but has now been removed from the ESRB site. Could the delay be due to Nintendo wanting to launch at the same time as this updated game? (As with Super Metroid and Metroid Corruption)

With the Zapper currently doing the rounds at retail a new Duck Hunt title would make perfect sense, don't you think?