Marvel at Axelay's graphics!

This week's great game is Axelay. One of the SNES's finest shmups (And one of the most loved ones of all time!). It has very unique 3D-esque effects which give it a unique style almost no other game has copied. This one's worth checking out if you like the genre! Whether you like vertical or horizontal shmups more, it doesn't matter - This game's got both styles!

It had to come sometime - Volleyball for the NES is often forgotten when people talk about the Nintendo-made NES sports games, and for good reason - It's easily one of the worst, with even more shallow gameplay than the others (If you can imagine that!).

Today's final game isn't very good either. Blue's Journey has good graphics and a nice soundtrack, but the gameplay fails to deliver. There's so much great platformers on VC already, you'd be hard pressed to pick this over them!

One great game on VC, but do you really care that much? Super Mario Galaxy!

On a side note, you might've already seen your Wii flashing blue - Yes, the Check Mii Out Channel (Now called Mii Contest Channel outside the US) has launched worldwide. In it you can submit Miis and let other people around the world rate them. You can also participate in contests and the like. Of course, it's totally free! Get it in the Wii Ware (Wii Software in EU/AU) section of the Wii Shop.