Mmm.. NiGHTS

Picked up by EuroGamer earlier today, IGN have done some poking around and seem to think they've stumbled upto a secret - however SEGA Europe is refusing to comment on the matter.

SEGA Europe has offered no comment over reports that a remake of Saturn game NiGHTS: Into Dreams is heading to PS2 early next year. Word spilled originally from Japanese magazine Famitsu (translated by IGN), which said the iconic title would be getting 16:9 support and upgraded visuals, as well as an illustration gallery and movie viewer. Apparently the game is set to launch in Japan on 21st February 2008, and it will also be introduced at a budget price point - alongside a Nightopia Dream Pack that has the all important picture book inside.

Pish Posh, a PS2 port without a Wii one? I would be rather surprised... if there are any legs to this story, I would imagine the Wii will also see a port of the original (perhaps at budget price?) that could even out sell the new NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams!

More as it happens.