Bosh, Wii Boxing Gloves

ezGearTM for Wii Sports Pack -- The ezGear Sports Pack for Wii provides three extensions for the Wiimote, transforming it into a golf club, baseball bat or tennis racquet, but not just any club, bat or racquet. Each extension is weighted to give the user a realistic feel while playing. The grips attach quickly and easily. The Wiimote handle has a special spring plate that allows users to insert and remove the Wiimote at anytime. The bat and racquet allow players to use the Wiimote infrared to control the Wii Sports menus while they are attached. The handle also allows enough room for the player to have two hands on the bat or golf club. "When I was playing tennis, I really felt like I was on a tennis court, serving and volleying. It was so real, I even broke a sweat," says Charlie Bernstein, President of ezGear. The ezGear for Wii Sports Pack suggested retail price is $29.99 and will ship in mid-August, 2007.

ezGear powerPlayTM Battery and Dock -- The ezGear powerPlay for Wii Rechargeable Battery and Dock is the perfect accessory for every Wii owner. The powerPlay keeps the Wiimote charging and ready for play at any time. The specially designed powerPlay dock can charge the powerPlay battery while in the Wiimote or on its own. The powerPlay conveniently plugs into the USB 2.0 port on the back of the Wii, and does not use any extra power outlets.

The ezGear powerPlay comes in two models. The powerPlay model includes one powerPlay dock and one powerPlay rechargeable battery. The powerPlay Duo model includes one powerPlay dock and two powerPlay rechargeable batteries allowing users to play and charge at the same time. With powerPlay, drained batteries are a thing of the past. The powerPlay suggested retail price is $26.99 and the powerPlay Duo suggested retail price is $35.99. Both will ship in mid-August, 2007.

For Extreme Zelda Nerds

ezGearTM for Wii boxingGloves - The ezGear for Wii boxingGloves are the perfect companion to Wii Sports Boxing. Users wearing these gloves will feel like they are right in the ring. The ezGear for Wii boxingGloves use high-quality construction and include specialized foam to simulate a real boxing glove. Elastic and Velcro straps keep the gloves in place. Each glove has a built-in pocket to hold the Nunchuk and Wiimote during play. The gloves can also be used while holding the Nunchuk and Wiimote. Wii Sports Boxing has never felt so real. The ezGear for Wii boxingGloves suggested retail price is $34.99 and will ship in mid-August, 2007.

ezGearTM for Wii Sparring Gloves - For the lighter feel of a sparring glove, ezGear also offers ezGear for Wii Sparring Gloves. The ezGear for Wii Sparring Gloves suggested retail price is $29.99.

ezGearTM for Wii Combat Kit -- The ezGear Combat Kit brings fighting games to life. Including a sword, a shield, and a knife, the ezGear Combat Kit is specially designed to work with the Wiimote and Nunchuk. The simulated sword and knife are made of soft foam for safety. The Wiimote and Nunchuk insert simply and cleanly into the knife, sword and shield grips. The light materials won't weigh users down as they play and ensure safety during usage. The Wiimote and Nunchuk easily snap in and out of the Combat Kit, making it a user-friendly accessory to enhance the Wii experience. The ezGear Combat Kit suggested retail price is $39.99 and will ship in mid-August, 2007.

Get Sporty

ezGearTM for Wii superStand - The ezGear for Wii superStand makes it easy to keep Wii gear neat and organized. The superStand snaps directly into the Wii console base and provides storage space for games, the Wiimote, Nunchuk and memory cards. The ezGear for Wii superStand suggested retail price is $19.99 and is shipping today.

ezTowerTM Software Stand - The ezTower Wii Game Disk Stand is the stylish way to store Wii Game software. Made of high quality plastic, each unit holds 12 Wii Software disks. The ezTower is stackable to create a space-saving and inexpensive way of keeping Wii games organized. The ezTower suggested retail price is $24.99 and will ship in mid-August, 2007.

ezToteTM Carabiner Case -- The ezTote Carabiner Case is an easy way to store and travel with the Wiimote and Nunchuk. Whether going on a trip or just to a friend's, the ezTote makes it easy to take the controllers anywhere. The carabiner clip can be clipped to a belt, backpack, bike or purse. It also includes a wrist strap for easy carrying. Made of EVA material, the case is strong and light to provide sturdy protection. The carabiner clip is included and a sturdy zipper keeps the case closed. The ezTote suggested retail price is $14.99 and will ship in mid-August, 2007.

ezPakTM Carry Bag for Wii -- Never worry about damaging or scratching the Wii again, with the ezPak Carry Bag. Users can take their entire Wii system with them in this handsome nylon carry bag. The ezPak has special compartments for the Wii console, memory cards, Wiimote and Nunchuk, and room for the power adapter, antenna, and more. The ezPak is water resistant so it keeps the Wii safe and dry. This sturdy nylon case is light, easy to carry, and lined with energy-absorbing material. The ezPak suggested retail price is $29.99 and will ship in mid-August, 2007.

ezGearTM 360° Revolving Antenna Stand -- The ezGear for Wii Revolving Antenna Stand allows users to aim accurately from wherever they are. The stand adjusts to change the angle of the receiver, allowing users to play more easily from anywhere in the room. Includes double faced tape to hold the antenna in place and the antenna to the TV. The ezGearTM 360° Revolving Receiver Stand suggested retail price is $9.99 and will ship in mid-August, 2007.

ezGoldTM for Wii Cables - Get the best image out of the Wii with ezGold connection cables. ezGold Cables are made of high quality shielded wires with protective sheathing to reduce signal loss and interference. The cable uses gold plated connectors to provide a superior connection. All ezGold Cables for Wii are compatible with standard and high definition televisions. ezGear offers ezGold S-Video, AV, and HD Pro cables. The ezGold Cables suggested retail price is $24.99 and they will ship in mid-August, 2007.

Yes, well.. maybe they're trying to make some ezMoney.