The Chuckle Brothers

"First of all, whilst we have already seen the mansion scene from the game, it has been confirmed that the police station from Resident Evil II and the train from Resident Evil Zero will be included as levels. In fact, half of the game actually takes place in locations taken straight from other games in the series, leaving the rest to take you through Umbrella Corp's strongholds and enemy lairs.

In terms of characters on offer, Carlos Oliviera is now in the line-up, with Wesker also a definite, yet whether or not his role will merely be that of an NPC or if he will be playable was neither confirmed nor denied.

Using the Nunchuk controller and tilting it will allow movement of the camera to uncover hidden objects and power-ups, plus there will be familiar weapons on offer, such as the Rocket and Grenade Launcher.

Finally, although Resident Evil Zero, I, II and III will all be represented, levels will not be taken from Code Veronica."

Maybe I'm the only one, but I'm really really looking forward to this one, nice one Cubed3.