"Aim for the fairway as a new but fully-fledged style of golf is set to hit Wii! Get ready to experience greens with a difference as players embark on the golfing experience of a lifetime. From tropical islands to snow valleys, Pangya! Golf With Style launches players into a world of precision and skill, mixed up with a touch of magic, as it launches across Europe on 8th June 2007.

Containing all the basic elements for the perfect round of golf, players tee off on Pangya Island and experience 11 different courses with a unique Wii twist. Using Wii’s innovative controller, players swing the Wii Remote as if it were a real golf club, with the aim of achieving that coveted hole in one. As well as traditional golfing elements to consider like hitting the fairway, staying out of the bunkers and paying attention to the wind speed Pangya! Golf With Style also adds a touch of fantasy and it’s own rules to the mix.

At the start of the game players can select one of two characters - Scout or Hana. Progression through Pangya! Golf With Style will unlock additional characters, each with their own unique golfing skills and special moves. Once players have selected a character they can get down to the business of customising them to their taste. Quirky outfits are not just an element of the real game of golf, they are also important in Pangya! Golf With Style. However, in this game the costumes affect the statistics of the character as well as their look. Players can even take their own customised character to compete with on a friend’s console by saving it on their Wii Remote!

Every good golfer needs a helping hand from time to time and it’s no different when you’re navigating the courses on Pangya Island. Luckily, a handy caddie accompanies all golfers. But these characters are not just caddies they are also magicians! With eight to select from, each with varying skill sets, players must choose the caddie that will be able to offer them the best advice and magic on the green. They also raise the players golfing stats depending on their characteristics so choose wisely.

In this game of golf, sinking the ball is not the only aim - as players travel round the courses they must also collect Pang Points. This currency can be won by striking the ball perfectly, successfully completing risky shots and finishing a round under Par. Pang Points can be used in the shop to purchase items and clothing to enhance the players golfing ability. They are also used to decide an overall winner in the case of a tie on any course. As a special treat for games fans players can unlock outfits from popular Beat-em-up Dead or Alive allowing them to customise their golfer to look like one of the fighters.

In single player mode players must enter tournaments to unlock new courses and new characters. There are three types of tournament to take part in; Pangya Fiesta – a story mode introducing all the characters in the game, Stroke Play where players must complete the course in the least number of strokes and Match Play where they must sink the ball in fewer shots than the maximum allowed.

Think you are a top-notch golfer and want to prove it to your friends and family, or just to yourself? If that‘s the case Versus Mode is for you! Players can battle it out in both Match Play and Stroke Play modes as well as setting themselves the ultimate concentration test in Balloon Pop where they must burst as many balloons as they can whilst navigating the courses.

Players can tip the scales in their favour when battling it out in versus mode using items gained in other game modes. For example, Wing God Fan is a ‘hinder item’ which when activated by moving the Wii Remote up and down produces wind to put the opponent off their shot. Alternatively the Graffiti Crayon can be used to write on the screen obstructing the opponents view."

Need we say more? We'll be posting our review of the US version, Super Swing Golf in the next few weeks!