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Super Swing Golf is one of those games that seem to capture the very essence of fun; just take a look at the box and you will notice the game is bright, vibrant and not too serious. The characters you come across are most certainly quirky. The courses themselves include a normal green, a blistering desert, a bizarre course arranged over a series of aircraft carriers, and even more surreal environments. Even the golf clubs are imaginative; ranging from baseball bats to maces. All in all, this is not your typical game of golf.

Skill does have quite a prominent role in this game, especially when planning shots. Players need to be aware, and account for, elements such as terrain. If you happen to hit your ball off the fairway, then chances are that it will be more difficult to pull off your next shot. Sand for instance reduces your shows power by 15%, and obstacles such as water will be completely unplayable if you hit the ball in there (thus, your ball is reset an extra shot added to your score). You also need to pay attention to the wind levels of the course; a strong wind can totally change the direction of your hit. Careful planning is required before each shot, especially on the more complex courses where wind direction is prone to sudden, drastic, changes.

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Once you have gotten to grips with the base mechanics of the game you truly start to appreciate how huge it actually is. There are several modes in the single player campaign; you can follow the ‘story’ through a tournament mode, you can also play for strokes on 18 hole courses, or even have individual matches with computer opponents. I was actually overwhelmed by the sheer amount of single player matches available; quite simply, you will never run out. Tournament mode is the most enjoyable and challenging of these single player options- you get to see the quirky story pan out and fight your toughest golf matches where there is no margin for error.

There is also a VS mode for multiplayer matches; it must be said that the most enjoyment comes from this multiplayer mode. You can play courses on either stroke or match play, plus there is the addition of a balloon pop game where you have to pop balloons with your shots. Being able to play with friends gives a really nice competitive edge to the matches. Although I can’t help but feel that if Super Swing Golf were online like its PC cousin, then it would be so much better.

Unfortunately at times the AI can be tiresome. Seeing the computer come back from the verge of losing by pulling off extremely lucky shots is quite irritating…either that or I am a sore loser. Likewise, when they decide to hit the same shot into the water nine times in a row, things can get rather frustrating. Camera angles can also be a pain; at times scenery will block you from seeing the direction your shot took. Asides from these relatively infrequent issues, Super Swing Golf is a flawless experience.


Basically, if you enjoyed Wii Sports Golf, you will love Super Swing Golf.