Official Announcement Coming Soon?

Sega have refused to give any "official" comment on the existence of the game, a sequel to arguably the most popular Sega Saturn game ever made. Just to confuse matters even more, a German SEGA representative has stated that the game has been in development since May 2006 - just when Spong claim the game will be developed in the US by Sonic Team!

What a mess! It's now getting pretty hard to ignore these rumours, usually something with this much attention must be for real. We've today noticed some magazine scans appear on which look more than credible. An interview excerpt was also posted by GamingBits website:

"Just like the first game's story, the new NiGHTS happens inside a dream world, and its story will follow the adventure of those children," said Takashi Iizuka, "NiGHTS will have a considerable number of acrobatic movements, many of them never seen before, for the player to perform easily using the Wii controller. You can count on loops, spins, and other manoeuvers which will be kept secret for now."

C'mon Sega, give us some official screenshots and development timeline! Pwease!