Hundreds of people turned out on a bitterly cold London night to witness the birth of Wii into the UK. Gamers were treated to the "talents" of Ian Wright, Ricky Hatton and Nell McAndrew.

New York had the Wii Segway, London had the Wii bus, a classic London bus painted in white with the familiar Wii logo. We'll be adding loads more reports about the launch over the next few hours.

It seems lots of people aren't getting their Wii's just yet, couple of our staff members had pre-orders with stores like Curry's that have fell through, come on Nintendo keep them coming!

Wii UK have a great bunch of photographs taken at last nights launch event, go check them out.

Update: Richard "GreatKingBowser" Easton managed to snap us some pics from his local Tesco where he secured his Wii, great work!