The French developer/publisher has post its first blog entry on Club IGN, the post comes from Marie-Sol Beaudry, Producer of Red Steel.

"We were really excited by everyone’s response to the Nintendo Wii at E3 and were thrilled to showcase Red Steel at the Nintendo press conference. After working so long on this project in complete secrecy, it was great to not just show the game but to also let people play it for the first time."

Before explaining about the recent tweaks and changes to Red Steel post E3, the games producer goes on to explain the design challenges faced developing for such a revolutionary controller.

"The challenge for working on a new system, especially one that has such a focus on the interface with the Wii controller is that everything we’re doing in the game is directly effected by the controller. This includes everything from level design, overall game design, movement and storyline. When we first received the controller our imaginations were limitless but then we spoke to our programmers and determined that there were guidelines and rules of which we’d need to adhere to in regard to both functionality as well as game play."

The blogger closes saying we'll hear from them again in around 2 weeks. Not quite a avid blogger, but better than most. Viva la interweb. You can read the entire post over at