GoNintendo have reported that magazine Game Informer has received a new build of the Ubisoft slasher, Red Steel for Nintendo Wii. According to the reporter, the criticised controls have been updated and improved since the E3 demo a month or so ago.

"Not only did the remote replicate our actual sword-slashes, but the recently unveiled motion sensor in the nunchuck could be thrust forward for parry attacks”

“As promised, Timing and observation was key to winning the sword-fights and felt just like the mock-saber duels nearly everyone had as kids, so anyone who has dreamed of being a samurai will pick it right up”

Red Steel suffered from a little bit of negative press after the E3 demo, people weren't too sure about the controls and many said the game only performed predefined movement instead of real time interaction.

We'll no doubt be hearing a lot more about Red Steel over the coming months, check back soon.

[source gonintendo.com]