Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom: Where To Find Sunset Fireflies - The Flute Player's Plan Walkthrough 1
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The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom's Great Fairies require some work to unlock, and the Stable Trotters have a lot of music to play to get them to pop their heads out of their buds.

One missing member is the flute player Pyper, Kaysa's favourite. That means you need to complete The Flute Player's Plan before finishing Serenade to Kaysa.

If you haven't unlocked Tera yet, you must complete Serenade to a Great Fairy first. If you're looking for the other Great Fairy Fountains, check out our All Great Fairy Fountain Locations guide.

Here's where to find The Flute Player's Plan, where to get sunset fireflies, and how to complete the quest.

Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom: Where To Find Sunset Fireflies - The Flute Player's Plan Walkthrough

Where to find The Flute Player's Plan

Speaking to the Stable Trotters at Outskirt Stable reveals that Pyper is near Highland Stable. Warp to the stable and then head north to a small patch of trees.

You'll find Pyper hiding up the largest tree — the giveaway will be the sound of his lovely flute playing. Speak to him to start The Flute Player's Plan Side Adventure.

Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom: Where To Find Sunset Fireflies - The Flute Player's Plan Walkthrough 2
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How to complete The Flute Player's Plan

This is a relatively easy quest, particularly if you're a bit of a night player. Pyper needs ten sunset fireflies to make the tree glow for a friend. If you've already got ten, then hand them over. If not, you need to find some.

Sunset fireflies only come out at night can be found in healthy numbers fluttering around bodies of water. We'll list a few locations below...

How to get sunset fireflies

First of all, sit by the fire until it's nighttime before looking for these creatures — you won't find them in the daylight, and they're especially common after midnight, so you might need to do some exploring before then.

Pyper gives you some recommendations on where to find these little critters. Finra Woods and Pagos Woods to the north are great places to start as they're thick with trees and marshland.

Another place we regularly find sunset fireflies is behind your old house at Hateno Village. Again, there's a small pond with lots of trees and you'll spot a small group of them flickering around the water.

Lanayru Wetlands in general is a haven for critters too, particularly the fireflies at night. Head there if you want an easy time finding them.

When you're trying to catch fireflies, make sure you crouch or move slowly as these critters are easily spooked. You can also take some sneak-boosting food or wear some gear that'll improve your sneaking ability such as the Stealth Armour Set.

When you have the fireflies, show Pyper and he'll ask you to bring Haite over at night. You'll find Haite inside the stable sitting down. Talk to her and get her to follow you. Don't run too far ahead as you head on over to the tree.

Once you both reach the tree, Pyper will play the flute and make the tree glow. You'll get a Big Hearty Truffle as a reward. Go back to Outskirt Stable to finish off Serenade to Kaysa.

Now you can go a whistle and summon Kaysa. You can check the other Fountain locations in our Great Fairy Locations guide. And we have more hints and tips in our Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom walkthrough.