Are you sick and tired of your favourite weapons breaking due to the rather controversial durability mechanic in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom? Well, luckily for you, the game features a sneaky way to repair all your very best swords, shields, bows and so on.

Don't want to lose your best fuse weapons? Want to carry on and romp into battle with the implements of death you cherish most? We've got you covered.

Let's take a look at how to repair weapons in TOTK.

Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom: How To Repair Weapons

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Image: Nintendo Life

If you cast your mind back to Breath of the Wild, you may remember that Rock Octoroks could be used to clean rusted weapons in order to give them an attack buff and get them all shiny again.

In Tears of the Kingdom, this mechanic is taken a step further, with the rock creatures now able to suck up a weapon and fully restore its durability.

Only Rock Octoroks (Roctoroks?) can perform this service, but once you know where to locate them - alongside a few other rules - you'll be able to have your absolute favourite weapons restored in order to keep rocking them through your entire adventure.

Where to find Rock Octoroks

Given their rocky nature, it's probably no surprise that these creatures are most readily found in the Goron region of Hyrule — that means Eldin Canyon, Eldin Mountains, and Death Mountain. We've pinned the locations of three we know of in our maps below, but there are sure to be plenty more hidden around this area, not far from Goron City.

How to make a Rock Octorok repair a weapon

Now that you've found a Rock Octorok, you'll need to interact with it in just the right way in order for it to fix your weapon rather than just blowing all of your hearts away with an explosive attack.

To do this, get close to the Octorok as quickly and safely as you can. Once in you're in any kind of close proximity, the shy creature will hide under its rock shell. Now you can get right up close, select the weapon you want to be repaired and drop it beside the Octorok.

With this done, it's time to move back to a range where the Octorok pops up again, it will begin to suck in air in preparation for an attack. However, it will instead suck up your weapon and repair it. You'll know this is working when you see the creature start to sparkle as it works.

Be careful here, as once the repair is done the Octorok will spit the weapon at you and do damage, so keep your shield up.

Once you've picked up your weapon you can check in your inventory to see that it has indeed been fully restored to mint condition and given a random buff!

how to repair weapons totk
Image: Nintendo Life

One thing to note here is that only one weapon can be repaired per Octorok, so you'll need to kill the creature and then return once it respawns after the next blood moon to use it again. With this in mind, it's best to note the locations of a few of them so you can get a weapon fixed more readily as and when required.

Can all weapons be repaired?

Almost all weapons, shields, bows and so forth can be repaired using the method above, including those which have been fused. However, there are a few exceptions, namely weapons obtained via amiibo and magic rods. It should also be noted that decayed weapons can be fixed but they will remain in their decayed state.

There is a rumoured fix for amiibo weapons here that involves dropping the weapon and then fusing it to another weapon before giving it to the Octorok, but we haven't tried this method yet so can't confirm anything on that front.

We should, of course, also give a shout-out to Austin John Plays over on Youtube who seems to have been the first to discover this mechanic in the game!

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