How to get first armour set

There are an absolute ton of armour sets to get your hands on in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, but early doors you'll likely be happy just to get Link dressed in anything that comes to hand.

With this in mind, the first items of apparel available in the game come in the form of an Archaic Tunic, Archaic Legwear, and Archaic Warm Greaves, some of which can be easily missed if you're not looking in the right places. So, let's take a look at how to nab this early-game gear.

Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom: Where To Find Your First Armour Set

Archaic Legwear

The very first item of clothing in the game, this one's hard to miss as it sits at the exit of the Room of Awakening, at the exact coordinates shown in our map below.

Archaic Tunic

The Archaic Tunic can be found in Pondside Cave in the southwest of Great Sky Island. We've provided the exact location in our pics below and you should prepare yourself to fight through a few Keese and a Bubbulfrog when you arrive here and make your way to the chest containing your tunic at the back of the cave.

Archaic Warm Greaves

An upgrade to your Archaic Legwear, the Archaic Warm Greaves are an essential piece of kit for enduring the colder climate you'll experience in the Great Sky Island tutorial area as you make your way to the Gutanbac Shrine.

Once you've made it to the shrine you'll get your hands on the Ascend ability as a reward for completing the associated challenge. As soon as you exit the shrine look to your left and you'll spot a large tree stump, as shown below.

Use Ascend below the ledge ahead to get up here and head into the tree to find a chest containing this first cold-beating piece of armour.

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