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The Zelda series is famous for its intimidating, entertaining boss battles, and The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is no different from the rest in that department. With a host of challenging boss encounters across its enormous world, it's possible you'll run into problems in at least one boss fight — and if not against the 'big bads', then perhaps against the tough enemies wandering around the kingdom of Hyrule.

In this Zelda: TOTK Boss Guide, we'll show you how to defeat every boss in the game with boss tips and strategies. We also round up some 'lesser' foes and offer tips and advice on how to defeat tough enemies such as Lynels, Flux Constructs, and Gleeoks.

In this guide, we've deliberately obscured the names of the individual bosses — so 'Final Boss' and not their actual identity — in order to preserve later-game surprises for people needing advice with earlier bosses. Obviously, be aware that location names are used below, and clicking on the titles will lead you to pages that reveal their identities and go into detail.

Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Boss Guide

Here is a list of the main bosses in the game and how to beat them:

TOTK Boss List

The ordering comes from the recommended order as dictated by the game and its NPCs, but you are free and able to visit them in any order you wish.

Side Adventure bosses

Some Side Adventures have their own boss battles to deal with. We'll list the relevate quest below, which will contain strategies for each boss fight during that quest line.

'Minibosses' and Tough Enemy Tips

Here is a list of enemies that aren't 'bosses' per se, but which you will encounter around Hyrule and who may well cause you problems. Presented in order of toughness, you'll find brief tips for each one (and we'll be adding more over time).

Like Likes

A returning enemy in the Zelda series, Like Likes are simple enough to deal with but can cause problems if you're not sure how to deal with them. They come in a variety of elemental flavours (or in souped-up form like the Mipha Court miniboss version) and may spit different things at you (rocks or balls of electricity, for example), but the basic method of defeating them is the same.

To beat a Like Like, shoot the 'tongue' that occasionally appears in its mouth with an arrow or alternative projectile. Once exposed, dive in and hit it as much as possible. Repeat to defeat.

Upon death, a Like Like will usually cough up a treasure chest for your troubles.


Returning from Breath of the Wild, Hinox are no different from their previous form. You can find these both on the Surface and in the Depths, and the latter will inflict gloom damage. Shoot them in the eyeball, attack them, and claim your monster materials.


Another returning monster from Breath of the Wild, the strategy for beating these is similar to the previous game. Get on its back and attack the mineral deposit. You can fight these in various elemental forms now, plus they're also roaming around in the Depths. Yep, you can also use Ascend on these — but it'll usually shake you off as soon as you come out the other side.

When you beat these, you'll get lots of precious gems - -great for making Rupees — and a Stone Talus Heart, a brilliant material for Fusing powerful clubs and hammers.

Battle Talus

Battle Talus
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The souped-up version of the Talus is new in Tears of the Kingdom. The Battle Talus isn't too different, except that it doubles up as a small enemy stronghold, meaning not only will you need to deal with the big rocky enemy, but also a handful of Bokoblins.

You can take the Bokoblins out from a distance with arrows, or climb up the Talus and fight them up there. For the Talus itself, once again, just attack the mineral deposit until it collapses. Once again, you'll get gems and a Stone Talus Heart.

For a more in-depth look with extra Battle Talus tips, check out our dedicated Battle Talus guide:


Another returning overworld boss from Breath of the Wild. The Molduga can only be found in the Gerudo Desert, and as long as you don't make any noise, it won't attack you.

Otherwise, if you want to take this big one on, get on some high ground and lure it out of the sand by throwing bombs (or firing arrows). You'll know it's near because you'll see puffs of sand from the ground. The fire at it again with a Bomb Flower and then when it's stunned, attack it. Repeat until it's down.


A new overworld boss exclusive to the depths, the Frox is like a cross between a Hinox and a Talus, but it's a lot more powerful, can jump huge distances, and will also do gloom damage to you.

Like the Hinox, shooting it in the eye will stun it. Then you need to climb up its back and attack the mineral deposits. When it opens its mouth and attempts to suck you in, throw a bomb into it to also stun it. It will drop plenty of zonaite, crucial for upgrading your battery and Energy Cells. You'll also get a Large Crystallized Charge and lots of monster materials.

Flux Constructs

Flux Construct
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High in the Sky you'll find three different types of Flux Construct — each one is more powerful than the other, and they'll drop some pretty fantastic Fuse materials along with Zonai devices, Charges, and zonaite.

To fight these, you need to aim for one of the cubes on its body, which is its weak point. However, the cube will move every so often, so you won't always be able to attack it from the ground. You can get in the air using Zonai devices (the Spring is a good choice) or use Ultrahand to grab the blocks and remove them from the Construct. If you manage to grab the glowing cube, then yank it out and it'll collapse, allowing you to attack it without threat for a short time.

Gloom Hands

Gloom Hands
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Nintendo obviously didn't think Wallmasters were scary enough, so it created Gloom Hands, a terrifying creature born of the gloom. With five hands and incredible speeds, it can chase Link for a fair distance. Oh, and you can encounter these wherever there is gloom, not just in the Depths.

You need to take all five hands out at the same time to get past these monstrosities. They're fast and powerful, so if you need to run away, do so. Plus, there's a chance they might transform into something else once you defeat them. If you're struggling to beat Gloom Hands, check out our guide on how to defeat them.


Lynels were arguably the toughest 'regular' enemies in Breath of the Wild, and they return in Tears of the Kingdom, along with an even stronger Silver variant.

The main advice for fighting Lynels — and with any of TOTK's enemies, really — is to take your time. Use your bow to keep your distance, watch for attack patterns, dodge them and Flurry Attack, and don't rush the fight, even if they only have a sliver of health left. It's tempting to pile in towards the end, hoping you'll be able to get enough hits in before they strike back. Experience tells us that no, you won't. Slow and steady.


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Ah, the OG Legend of Zelda favourite returns, and it's pretty fearsome to boot. Gleeoks come in various elemental forms and are pretty aggressive. They guard certain corners of Hyrule and, if you get close, they will attack. They can do a lot of damage, and unless you're really brave, you probably shouldn't attempt to tackle these until much later in the game.

We've got a guide on how to defeat these gargantuan Gleeoks, and we'll have a separate guide for the strongest variant — the King Gleeok — soon.

For more handy guides, check out our Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom walkthrough for all of your adventuring needs.