Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom: How To Solve 'Clues To The Sky' Quest, Wellspring Island 1
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This is the second part of our walkthrough of the Regional Phenomena Zora's Domain questline for The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

After going to Zora's Domain, speaking to Sidon, and finding King Dorephan, you'll need to solve a riddle to find out where the brown sludge is coming from. This is part of the Sidon of the Zora Main Quest.

Here's how to solve the Clues to the Sky quest, how to get to the Ancient Zora Waterworks, and how to make it through Wellspring Island.

Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom: How To Solve 'Clues To The Sky' Quest, Wellspring Island

Clues to the Sky Main Quest - Watery bridge, land of the sky fish

After speaking to Dorephan and getting the 5 King's Scales, fast travel back to Mipha Court (Ihen-a Shrine). You now need to solve the rest of the riddle from the broken slate. Here's the riddle again:

“Stand upon the land of the sky fish, and behold its lofty view. Among the floating rocks you see, a droplet waits for you. Through this droplet, shoot an arrow with the mark of the king. Do this task, and you shall reveal a most wondrous thing. See the watery bridge’s resting spot with your own two eyes… that which connects the Zora to the people of the skies.”

You have the mark of the king, so now you need to find the land of the sky fish. If you haven't unlocked Upland Zorana Skyview Tower, go and do it now — it's to the west of Mipha Court.

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You're looking for a sky island that's shaped like a fish — you'll be able to see it on your map if you have unlocked the Skyview Tower in the area. When you're ready, head east of the shrine to the edge of the mountain and look up to see an island with a waterfall coming out of front of it. That's the "watery bridge" and the pathway to your island

There's a balloon and some platforms you can use to make a hot-air balloon (assuming you have a source of fire like wood, flint, or even a flame emitter Zonai device). Build it with Ultrahand then ride your balloon into the sky. When you're high enough, glide over to the armour — you can aim for the waterfall if you still have your Zora Armour on, which you should have.

You'll land on Floating Scales Island, which is covered in sludge. Clean some of it off with splash fruit, and make your way to the centre of the island. You want to be standing roughly at coordinates 4073, 0530, 0604. look out over the side of the island to the southwest to see a formation of rocks that form the shape of a tear.

Aim your bow, and fuse a King's Scale to it. Fire the arrow through the teardrop, and it'll light up and a huge pillar of light will emerge from a nearby lake. You can return to Mipha Court now.

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Defeat the miniboss

Talk to Sidon to surmise where you need to go next, but before you can get going, you'll be attacked by a Sludge Like in a rather annoying miniboss encounter.

This is exactly like the Like Likes (try saying that fast) you've fought before except it's covered in a thick layer of sludge. You can shoot it with splash fruit arrows if you want, but you have Sidon for this fight, and Sidon has a rather neat water-based ability which can help clear the sludge.

Interact with the Zora Prince and you'll be covered by a water shield. If you attack with your melee weapon, you'll send a wave of water ahead of you, pushing enemies back and cleaning sludge off the ground or enemies. Use this to your advantage.

The Sludge Like will spew sludge everywhere around it, including towards you. Hit him with Sidon's water or a splash arrow to clean it off, and then wait until it exposes its weak point in its mouth. Hit it, then wail on it more until it disappears into the ground.

Unlike other Like Likes, this one has a lot of health, so it'll take a few rounds to take it out. Just keep cleaning the sludge out of the way and on the boss and you'll eventually win.

Where to find the Ancient Zora Waterworks

Sidon will run off ahead towards the beam of light, and you'll have a new destination on your map. Head up the stairs at Mipha Court to the south. Walk past the statue of Mipha and dive into the East Reservoir Lake, gliding towards the blue pillar of light.

You'll spot Sidon on a piece of rubble in the middle of the muddy lake. Land there and talk to him, and he'll create a whirlpool right where the light is, which will allow you to go deep below the surface of the water. Do what he says and dive into the whirlpool to get to the Ancient Zora Waterworks.

Swim up to the stairs and then drop down to the pool below on the other side. You'll spot a drain that's covered by rocks. Destroy them with either bombs or a hammer weapon, and it'll raise the water level and create a path to the other side.

Follow the path around and you'll come to a large water-filled chamber with a tower in the centre. You need to get to the top of the tower, but the water level is too low here. Time to unblock some pipes.

Pipe #1

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You'll spot this one to your left as soon as you enter the waterworks. All you need to do is drop down and land on one of the wooden planks. Shoot a bomb arrow into the pipe hole and you've opened up the pipe.

Pipe #2

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Now the water level has been raised, to the right, you'll notice the planks of wood lead to a broken bridge. Up that bridge is another pipe. Get up there and either aim carefully with your bomb arrow or build a wooden slope and walk up there for a clean shot.

Pipe #3

This one will take some exploring to get to. Head across the brand-new bridge in the northwest part of the room, and follow it around until you reach a large pipe. Head inside (either by Ascending from below or by some careful climbing) to get an Opal.

Hop to the other side of the pipe and then glide down to a smaller pipe on the lower floor. Follow the path around the north and then west until you reach a room with a dripping grate above you. Use Ascend and you'll pop out behind a rock-covered pipe. Destroy the rocks to raise the water level to its maximum amount.

Zonai terminal

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Leave the room by climbing the ladder to the left and using Ultrahand at the end of the path to flip a switch. Then head over to the centre and glide over to the Zonai terminal. Interact with it, and it will call down a huge waterfall from an island high above you. You'll automatically leave the waterworks and appear beside Sidon, where the waterfall is.

How to get through Wellspring Island

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With your Zora Armour equipped, jump into the waterfall to swim up to Wellspring Island. Run ahead towards some large, floating bubbles. Jumping, you'll notice that gravity is a lot weaker here, meaning you can jump a lot further. Hop into one of the bubbles and use it to reach the next platform. Then, speak to Sidon, who is standing on the bridge. He again runs ahead of you, leaving you to make your way through the island yourself.

To your left, stand in front of the bubble machine and hop into one to ride it to an island to the north. Follow the path until you reach three bubble dispensers in the air. If you go down and right, you'll come across some enemies and a dead end. But using the bubbles, swim and hop over to each one before you're on a larger platform.

Destroy the Construct and head up the stairs ahead of you, then follow the path up and around. You'll see a Hydrant, and it's worth fusing that to a shield so you have a quick source of water. Run through the sludge-covered area, and use a splash fruit to clear the sludge from a small waterfall. Then swim up that waterfall, and glide between the waterfall islands until you reach Igoshon Shrine.

Just past the shrine, you'll spot some Wing Zonai devices. Pop a Wing on the slope with Ultrahand and it will catapult you forward. Ride it over to the next platform. Destroy the Construct ahead of you and follow the path around to the left to get to another chain of waterfall platforms. Swim and glide through these towards a large Construct-infested island. Destroy them all for a chest containing Soldier III Blade.

Climb up the broken pillar to the left of the chest and you'll spot giant bubbles coming towards the edge of the platform. Use Recall on one of these and then ride it back to the opposite island.

On the next island, you'll spot a pair of small staircases with a cap between them, and a bubble machine that is pushing out bubbles towards a flat wall. Using the stone platform, Ultrahand it and pop it in the grove so that it creates a slope for the bubble to travel up. Get inside the bubble and it'll push up and towards your destination.

The next platform contains lots of Zonai devices. Using some Fans, a Wing, and a Trolley, build a flying machine, activate the fans, and then ride it up the slope towards a large island with a waterfall behind it. Sidon is standing there.

Talk to him, fight the Construct in front of the waterfall, and then the pair of you will decide to swim up the current to get to your destination — the Water Temple.

It's always the tears, isn't it? Well now you're at the entrance to the Water Temple, you best head on over to our walkthrough for that. For more guides, check out our Tears of the Kingdom walkthrough for all the tips and hints you need.