The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is packed with secrets and hidden features, some of which are so subtle you may not even notice them until you've passed 50 hours of gameplay (like us). Star Fragments are one such element; these are precious items which fall from the night sky and can be used in some unique ways. Despite their elusive nature it's possible to farm these rare drops and therefore get some of the best gear - and we're going to show you how it's done.

How To Farm Star Fragments


It's possible to farm Star Fragments at a rate of about one every five to ten minutes. First off, visit any location where you're able to catch some sleep (a fire or cooking pot outside a stable is a good choice, because it's free). Sleep until morning and then manually save your game. Once you've done this, press the Home button and close the game down entirely. Open it up again, re-load your save and then sleep until night. Once you've done this, teleport to a high location - in this case, we're using Shee Vaneer Shrine on the Duelling Peaks.


Once you're up there, make sure you've got some warm clothing on as it's quite cold. You may also have to deal with some enemies as well. When you have the mountain top to yourself, look towards the east, in the direction of Hateno Tower. In-between the hours of 9PM and 12PM, you should see a shooting star drift in from the top of the screen. Watch where it lands - once it hits the ground it will emit a shaft of light.


Use your scope to pinpoint the precise location and lay a marker pin which will show up on your mini-map. Once you've done all of this, either paraglide off the top of the mountain towards the pin, or teleport to the nearest Shrine.


You can repeat this process as many times as you like; shutting down the game and restarting it appears to reset the game's internal clock, allowing you to get more Star Fragments than you would via normal play.

What Star Fragments Are Used For


There are three main uses for Star Fragments once you have them.

First up is their resale value; if you're looking to raise some cash quickly then you'll be pleased to learn that they're worth 300 Rupees each.

You can also use them in cooking, but we'd advise against that - the effectiveness of the resultant dishes isn't all that great compared to the mighty Hearty Radish, and while you can sell the meals for a handsome profit, it's not really worth the fuss.


The third and final use for the Star Fragments is upgrading certain items and armour sets (mainly those gained by using amiibo) to their maximum, which you'll need to do by visiting one of the four Great Fairies in the game.

The following items can be upgraded using Star Fragments:

  • Ancient Greaves
  • Topaz Earrings
  • Diamond Tiara
  • Ruby Necklace
  • Sapphire Circlet
  • Cap of the Sky (amiibo item)
  • Tunic of the Sky (amiibo item)
  • Trousers of the Sky (amiibo item)
  • Cap of Time (amiibo item)
  • Tunic of Time (amiibo item)
  • Trousers of Time (amiibo item)
  • Cap of Twilight (amiibo item)
  • Tunic of Twilight (amiibo item)
  • Trousers of Twilight (amiibo item)
  • Cap of the Wild (amiibo item)
  • Tunic of the Wild (amiibo item)
  • Trousers of the Wild (amiibo item)
  • Cap of the Wind (amiibo item)
  • Tunic of the Wind (amiibo item)
  • Trousers of the Wind (amiibo item)
  • Cap of the Hero (amiibo item)
  • Tunic of the Hero (amiibo item)
  • Trousers of the Hero (amiibo item)

Star Fragments are quite a useful item to get hold of, especially if you need to raise a lot of money. It's a shame that they can't be used to enhance more items - those of you without amiibo may not see the point of collecting them - but they're worth grabbing whenever they appear.

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