Nintendo Switch Sports

Fans of Wii Sports, rejoice: the series is back on Nintendo Switch with a brand new, very fitting name.

Yes, Nintendo Switch Sports brings back the Wii's iconic party sports game with six sports appearing at launch: Volleyball, Football, Bowling, Tennis, Badminton and Chambara. Golf is also headed to the game in a free update that'll arrive after launch, and it supports all the Joy-Con waggling goodness you'd expect from a new game in Nintendo's Sports series.

The game launched on 29th April 2022 and the physical edition for this title is of particular note thanks to an included Leg Strap accessory which can be used to simulate kicking balls in the game's Football modes. If you're looking for the best deals and cheapest prices, look no further:

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Buy Nintendo Switch Sports In The UK

You can buy the game from several stores in the UK; the RRP is set at £39.99 for the game and the Leg Strap accessory included, but can often be found cheaper. Here are the best prices available right now:

Buy Nintendo Switch Sports In The US

And here are your options in the US:

Are There Any Special Editions For Nintendo Switch Sports?

Nintendo Switch Sports

As detailed above, the physical edition comes with a Leg Strap accessory as standard, resulting in a slightly larger-than-usual box that'll look all nice on your shelf at home. The accessory isn't essential, but it's nice that Nintendo has decided to include one with physical copies.

If you're opting to buy the game digitally, you can also purchase the Leg Strap separately.

Were There Any Pre-Order Bonuses For Nintendo Switch Sports?

The first pre-order bonuses to be announced came from ShopTo, Currys, and The Game Collection who offered a free wristband, and the My Nintendo Store, which offered a free water bottle with all orders. If you're lucky, they might still have stock of these extra goodies – but be warned they may now have sold out.

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