February 2019's Nintendo Direct kicked off in style with the reveal of Super Mario Maker 2 for Nintendo Switch, which wasted no time in showing off the new slope building abilities which will enable Mario Makers to craft authentic Super Mario Bros. 3-style levels for the first time.

There are many new things on show in Super Mario Maker 2 which were not present in Super Mario Maker for the Wii U. This certainly appears to be a true sequel, and not just a 'Deluxe' port.

Eagle-eyed Nintendo Life reader Antraxx777 found many of the new additions in the list below, so full props to him. We've also added a few observations of our own, to make the ultimate list for you. Let's do this:

  1. Slopes - let's get the most obvious one out of the way first. Now hills of varying gradients can be created so Mario can slide down and knock over some unsuspecting goombas.
  2. Gusts of wind - this feature goes back as far as Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels and is sure to make for some fiendish level designs
  3. Angry Sun who chases you - from Super Mario Bros. 3
  4. Desert level theme
  5. Snow level theme
  6. Tiling platforms
  7. Snake blocks - first appeared in Super Mario World. These platforms move like a snake, hence the name. Custom paths can be set for these
  8. Giant blocks that grow when hit
  9. Water in non-water levels
  10. Porcupuffer - giant spiked fish which chases Mario
  11. Rising water stages - as found in Super Mario World
  12. Colured pipes
  13. On/Off Switch Blocks
  14. Purple “Crystal” blocks
  15. Modifiable auto scroll direction (vertical & horizontal)
  16. Ant Trooper enemy - debuted in Super Mario 3D World
  17. Stingby bees - also from Super Mario 3D World
  18. Skipsqueak - mouselike enemy found in Super Mario 3D World
  19. Green Hop-Chop “bounce-box” enemy
  20. Lunging Bungee Piranha Plant
  21. Fire-proof Piranha Plant
  22. Mario 3D World Theme
  23. Cat suit bell (adds side climbing)
  24. Trees which contain items
  25. Vertically scrolling levels
  26. Climbable fences, as found in Super Mario World
  27. Piranha Creeper vines - with custom pathing
  28. Big coins (Coin icon with a “10” on it which give the player 10 coins when hit)
  29. Coin counter - players will now know how many coins they have collected in a level
  30. Those blocks that create other blocks
  31. The short pipes from Super Mario 3D World
  32. Jungle theme
  33. Parachutes
  34. Air-blowing enemies
  35. Giant Bullet Bills
  36. Bullet Bill which shoots out from the background
  37. Paratroopa enemies - umbrella variant
  38. Longer floating platforms
  39. Glass pipes - fireballs, coins and enemies can travel through these
  40. Forest theme
  41. Red Yoshi - he might have the fire ability
  42. Bully enemies as found in Super Mario 64 who push you into the lava
  43. Boom Boom - A Koopaling-like mini-boss enemy from Super Mario Bros. 3
  44. New radial interface which allows creators to choose items in set groups quickly
  45. Rock Blocks - these durable, large bricks require extra hits or shells to break
  46. Night theme - no longer need Ghost or Underground theme to make a dark level
  47. Luigi is shown in the artwork - could this mean there is a 2 player mode?

Wow, that is a lot of new additions! Did you spot anything which isn't included in the list? Let us know with a comment below.