Switch WarioWareGetItTogether
Image: Nintendo

WarioWare: Get It Together! is finally here and this time around the denizens of Diamond City have jumped from the sidelines and joined in the action. Yes, this latest addition to Nintendo's madcap microgame series lets you take direct control of a roster of twenty characters, each of whom has their very own attack and movement styles with which to go about taking on the game's 200 microgames and various multiplayer challenges.

So, without further ado, let's take a look at who's who and what they're bringing to this raucous party!

WarioWare: Get It Together! Full Character List


Switch WarioWareGetItTogether Wario
Image: Nintendo

The cause of all the trouble in WarioWare: Get It Together! Wario may have a little less to say for himself in the cutscenes here but he's making up for it with a nifty charge attack and jetpack.

Attacking with a dash in whichever direction, left or right, he's facing, Wario can get around the screen quickly, the only drawback being he can't blast objects directly above or below him, so positioning is crucial here.


Switch WarioWareGetItTogether 5Volt
Image: Nintendo

She may look like your average everyday mum, but get on 5-Volt's bad side and you're in for quite a shock. By manoeuvring her spirit around the screen, 5-Volt can manipulate and destroy objects by delivering an electrical blast that also warps her to the point on the screen you're attacking.

One of the easier characters to get to grips with, 9-Volt's mum is a regular in our crew rotation.

Young Cricket

Switch WarioWareGetItTogether YoungCricket
Image: Nintendo

With Master Mantis as his sensei, Young Cricket is a formidable martial artist who, for some reason, chooses to forego putting any of his skills into practice here, instead utilising a simple jump attack to interact with objects.

Holding in the 'A' button enables him to employ a high jump variation and the fact he can be moved freely around the screen in a normal fashion means Cricket is one of the easiest, most straightforward characters to get to grips with.


Switch WarioWareGetItTogether 18Volt
Image: Nintendo

This school kid is a skilled rapper and retro gamer (has a lot in common with this writer, it seems) and is best pals with 9-Volt. In terms of what he brings to the table here, 18-Volt is a completely stationary character who throws a disc around the screen, manipulated by moving a handy cursor to exactly where you want to target.

Useful for hitting objects quickly and precisely, 18-Volt is a little trickier in situations where he has to actually move around, the game providing gold rings for him to latch onto in order to propel himself forward.


Switch WarioWareGetItTogether Mona
Image: Nintendo

One of our favourites, Mona is Wario's biggest fan (weirdo) and comes equipped with a speedy scooter and boomerang. Unfortunately, Mona is always moving around the screen and the only way to stop her is to shoot, at which point she'll sit still and you'll assume control of her boomerang which can then be moved freely all around the screen.

She takes a little getting used to, but Mona is one of the strongest characters for targeting multiple objects quickly.


Switch WarioWareGetItTogether Dribble
Image: Nintendo

Diamond City's hairiest cab driver (we hope), Dribble can move freely around the screen in his yellow taxi and has a great big bazooka to fire off and destroy objects and enemies.

The only drawback with this guy is he can only ever fire off that rocket launcher to the right hand side, so positioning is everything here. Of course you can always just back him up into things to knock them over, too!


Switch WarioWareGetItTogether Spitz
Image: Nintendo

Dribble's right hand man, or is it left? Anyway, Spitz controls exactly the same as his furry friend above except this time his bazooka fires to the left of the screen only. Simple!


Switch WarioWareGetItTogether DrCrygor
Image: Nintendo

This mad scientist has gone and turned himself into a rubber ring wearing cyborg who can swim through the air — we've all done it, let's face it.

Pressing attack here sees Crygor swim around in whichever direction you're holding the left stick and, although he may seem a little useless to begin with, he's actually one of the best characters for any situation, easy and fast to propel to any point on the screen.


Switch WarioWareGetItTogether 9Volt
Image: Nintendo

Son to 5-Volt and best friend to 18-Volt, this skateboarding retro game fan is one of the trickier characters to get to grips with.

9-Volt's skateboard moves from left to right constantly and the only way to make him pause briefly is to shoot at objects by firing off his trusty yo-yo, which only travels straight up into the air. It's all about timing your shots with this one, which can get pretty sweaty in tense scenarios!


Switch WarioWareGetItTogether Mike
Image: Nintendo

Hands down one of our favourite characters in the game, Mike's karaoke skills might be a bit rubbish but he's an ace shot who can destroy targets quickly while moving freely all around the screen, the only drawback being that he can only shoot directly upwards.

His shots are powerful though and we find he can clean up pretty much any mess in pretty short order.


Switch WarioWareGetItTogether Kat
Image: Nintendo

This kindergartener may be small but she's also a ninja (same tbh). Kat jumps non-stop, which definitely takes a little getting used to, but that jump can take out enemies and objects that get in the way and she also has a handy shuriken which she can fire off to the right hand side of the screen.

Positioning is, once again, crucial here and there's no denying that the constant jumping does make Kat one of the trickier characters to deal with whenever you're under stress — which is pretty much all the time in WarioWare!


Switch WarioWareGetItTogether Ana
Image: Nintendo

Exactly the same as Kat but her shuriken fires to the left hand side exclusively, Ana follows her sister into battle without question!


Switch WarioWareGetItTogether JimmyT
Image: Nintendo

This blue-afroed disco diva likes to strike a Saturday Night Fever pose and hitting the attack button will see him shoot off in whichever direction his finger is pointed.

Jimmy-T is essentially the exact same control-wise as Crygor, although he is a little bit quicker than the mad scientist, making him one of our regular crew members.


Switch WarioWareGetItTogether Ashley
Image: Nintendo

Ashley doesn't like cute things, emotions or unnecessary chit-chat. She's a bit of a witch, really. She's also one of the strongest characters in the game, as she can move around completely freely on her broom and can also attack with her spells in any direction she's facing.

Easy to manipulate and precise with her strikes, she's always on our crew, even if her attitude stinks.


Switch WarioWareGetItTogether Orbulon
Image: Nintendo

When he's not trying to invade planets, Orbulon makes for a pretty useful member of Team Wario, once you get used to how he does things.

Orbulon utilises a tractor beam to suck any object or enemy off the screen, he can also move freely around, but you need to get into the right position quickly here, hover over stuff in order to employ that tractor beam, which only fires downwards.


WarioWare Red
Image: Nintendo

This bomb-dropping demon is best pals with Ashley for some reason, he obviously likes bad attitudes.

In terms of how he plays, Red can move around the screen freely but his bombs can only be delivered from above targets, however we've found dropping bombs when next to breakable objects will destroy them when they are situated immediately to his left or right too. Splash damage, innit.

Master Mantis

Image: Nintendo

Mr Miyagi to Cricket's Karate Kid, Mantis is easily one of the toughest characters in the game to get to grips with. Once again foregoing any actual fighting moves, Mantis is a jump master, employing a regular style jump and, if the 'A' button is held down, a super jump that sees him attach himself to the ceiling of the screen where he walks around upside down and jumps downwards.

It's tricky to get your head around when under stress, and we definitely find ourselves avoiding this guy where possible (sorry, sensei!), although in the right hands he could be the deadliest weapon.


Image: Nintendo

The Luxeville Kid! Lulu uses her red hair ribbon as a rotor in order to float upwards and attack or manipulate objects and enemies. She can also perform a handy ground pound once she's up in the air.

Give Lulu a chance and you'll find she's one of the better character's in the game, useful in pretty much every weird situation she finds herself in.


Image: Nintendo

A budding scientist, and Crygor's grand-daughter, Penny is the single most taxing character to get to grips with but, once you have her movement and attack style nailed, she's pretty powerful. Employing a water blaster, Penny moves by shooting a stream of water that pushes her back in the opposite direction. She can also enter a handy hover mode, enabling her to fire a stream of water at targets.

Penny is one of the funnier characters to find yourself in a co-op match with as her unusual locomotion style often results in confusing carnage.


Image: Nintendo

The beak! The tongue! The legend! Star of video game "Super Pyoro", this plucky penguin is rooted to the ground, only able to move left or right, and employs an incredibly long tongue in order to bust blocks, knock over objects and defeat enemies. He's a little tricky, needs to use rings to move around — just like 18-Volt — certain stages and can be pretty frustrating in a high stress situation.

Pyoro is another character who we tend to avoid in all honesty, although he is very funny in co-op as things tend to turn into a real mess with this little fella.

Let us know below your favourite character from the roster.