NBA 2K21

August, you ask? Yes, apparently that entire month flew by in what felt like a week and once again we're back to take a look at the Switch games coming soon to your favourite Nintendo console.

It's gotta be said that things are looking a bit slim at the time of writing. To be fair, Nintendo's recent habit of dropping surprise Mini Directs means that we've got more than enough to play at the moment, with a host of incredible indie games lining up on the Switch eShop to tempt us. Which is just as well!

Still, if you're a sports fan you may find something to your liking below; we've got high hopes for the first title on the list. You'll also see the return of a Wii U favourite at the very end of October, and there are a host of incoming physical versions of games that were previously digital-only.

Given the disruption caused by the global pandemic this year, it's hard to be too sore at the lineup, and it would be most strange if there weren't more surprises to come, so keep an eye out for announcements. In the meantime, let's take a look at the games and accessories coming over the next couple of months...

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NBA 2K21 - 4th September

This year's model of 2K's basketball series, we're expecting great things from NBA 2K21. Load times and intrusive microtransactions aside, last year's entry was a winner and while real world sport adapts as best it can to the unusual situation 2020 presents, we're excited to see if 2K has upped its game this season.

The 'Legend Edition' of this year's entry has been replaced by the 'Mamba Forever' edition in honour of Kobe Bryant, who passed away earlier this year. This more expensive option comes with special MyTeam and MyPlayers bonuses and other extras including the Damian Lillard Digital Collection and Kobe Bryant Digital Collection.

WWE 2K Battlegrounds - 18th September

We'd be lying if we said this was on our Switch eShop Wishlist because WWE 2K Battlegrounds isn't looking brilliant. Featuring over 70 WWE superstars past and present, all in cartoon-y big-head form, this is an over-the-top comedic take of the famously dour, down-to-earth sport of professional wrestling.

Who knows? It could end up being a GOTY contender. We'll be approaching it with an open mind when it releases mid-September. Who wouldn't want to see John Cena throwing a Dragon Punch? Still, probably best to wait for the review on this one, unless you're an absolute die-hard fan.

FIFA 21 Legacy Edition - 9th October

Hmm. Well, if team roster and kit updates are vital to your being, FIFA 21 Legacy Edition provides just that... and very little more. Yes, once again Nintendo gamers are getting shafted with a 'new' game which offers only cosmetic updates over last year's edition, so it's entirely understandable if you'll be passing on this one this year.

As you can probably tell, we're not fans of EA's approach with the series on Switch. On the other hand, the base game is a strong one - if you've yet to play a FIFA on Switch, this will likely be much more attractive (and expensive, of course) than previous iterations. If you can't live without everything being up-to-date and accurate--whatever that means in 2020--you'll want to get your feet on this.

Pikmin 3 Deluxe - 30th October

A surprise announcement from Nintendo at the start of August, this port of the Wii U original is a very welcome beacon of light on the otherwise featureless horizon that is Nintendo's release schedule for the remainder of 2020. We're certain there's more surprise first-party goodness to come, of course, and thankfully Pikmin 3 on Wii U was a rather good game that many people will have missed.

The Switch edition of this most approachable of Real Time Strategy games features all the DLC from the previous version, as well as some exclusive new side missions. We're psyched to return to PNF-404 and look at all that lovely HD fruit at the end of October.

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Awesome Accessories For Your Switch

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So that's it for September and October - did we miss anything? Let us know with a comment and also tell us if you've pre-ordered any of these goodies!