Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore

Christmas is now but a distant memory and we have woken up not only to a new year, but a new decade!

What gaming delights await on the Nintendo Switch you ask? We've rounded up some of the best pre-orders for you for January 2020 and beyond...

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Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore - 17th January

The worlds of the Fire Emblem series and Shin Megami Tensei have crossed paths again and the result is coming to the Nintendo Switch system. An interdimensional evil has invaded modern-day Tokyo, resulting in this fantastical barrage of music, style, and yes, danger. So, fight back! Battle through dungeons to pump up your strategy and creatively decimate your foes... before all hope fades to black. You won't want to miss out on this one.

Darksiders Genesis - 14th February

Just in time for Valentine's Day comes the not-at-all romantic Darksiders Genesis. The standard game will do for most people, but hardcore Darksiders fans will no doubt be delighted with the eye-wateringly priced Nephilim Edition which contains an impressively sized figurine of Strife, a premium box, steelbook, stickers and even a Darksiders boardgame.

Darksiders: Genesis gives players their first look at the world of Darksiders, before the events of the original game. Furthermore, it introduces the fourth and last horseman Strife, as well as Co-op gameplay for the first time in the history of the franchise.

More Awesome Nintendo Switch Games

Aside from the highlighted games above, there are lots more Switch retail games which might take your fancy in January and beyond.

Awesome Accessories For Your Switch

We saw a whole slew of interesting accessories released for the Switch in the past few months, but more are on the way, especially with the arrival of Switch Lite. So, here for your consideration, are some tantalising accessories coming up in January and beyond.

So that's it for January and February - did we miss anything? Let us know with a comment and also tell us if you've pre-ordered any of these goodies!