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We're just one month into the year and things are already looking pretty tasty for Switch owners, with some great games launching for the system across February and March.

Below, we've been busy rounding up our usual selection of games headed to retail over the next couple of months. There are some hand-picked highlights to begin with, including a particularly exciting 24th February, as well as lots of other games and accessories that are launching over the next couple of months further down the page. Have a browse and see if anything takes your fancy!

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Tales of Symphonia Remastered - 17th February

Kicking off our February highlights is Tales of Symphonia Remastered, a full HD redo of the original GameCube action RPG. Let's get you up to speed:

The story takes place in Sylvarant, a world in danger of extinction due to the exploitation of mana by an evil group thought to be sealed away by the hero Mithos 4,000 years ago. Colette, The Chosen One, receives an oracle from the heavenly institution Cruxis, and sets out on a World Regeneration journey with her childhood friend Lloyd.

Pre-orders are now live and can be found right here:

Digimon World: Next Order - 22nd February

Another new Digimon game is heading our way on 22nd February, giving fans another monster-collecting RPG to enjoy with more than 200 Digimon to obtain along the way.

Digimon World: Next Order has you recruiting as many Digimon companions as you can in hopes of rebuilding the Digital World, which is apparently in a "state of utter chaos" thanks to some dastardly Machinedramon. Fans will be excited to learn that for the very first time, you can actually explore the world with two Digimon companions by your side, rather than the usual one.

Kirby's Return to Dream Land Deluxe - 24th February

On 24th February, we're being treated to Kirby's Return to Dream Land Deluxe, an updated version of the original Kirby's Return to Dream Land on Wii (known as Kirby's Adventure Wii in Europe).

Up to four players can jump in as fan-favourite characters like Kirby, Meta Knight, King Dedede and Bandana Waddle Dee, making use of Kirby's fantastic array of copy abilities to help Magolor repair his crashed spaceship. The multiplayer fun continues thanks to the minigames included, too – Ninja Dojo and Samurai Kirby make a return in this new instalment, and you can also check out the all-new Magolor’s Tome Trackers.

More pre-order options are available right here.

Octopath Traveler II - 24th February

Next on the 24th February list is Octopath Traveler II, a sequel to Square Enix's hit HD-2D release, Octopath Traveler.

Just like in the first game, eight travellers are setting off on a brand new journey and you get to experience every character's story. This time, these stories take place in Solistia, where "diverse cultures thrive from east to west and the industries of the new era flourish".

Each of the eight travellers has a unique set of Path Actions they can use to battle townspeople, obtain items, take others along in their travels, and more. New mechanics have also been added this time around, making it a very intriguing sequel indeed.

Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon - 17th March

A great surprise for fans of the series when the game was recently revealed, Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon launches on Switch very soon indeed.

As the title implies, this game will explore the character of Bayonetta before she became the Umbra Witch we all know and love today. You'll play as both Bayonetta's younger self, Cereza, and her very first demon, Cheshire, coordinating both using opposite Joy-Con to fight faeries and solve puzzles. It certainly sounds intriguing, and pre-orders are available now.

Atelier Ryza 3: Alchemist of the End & the Secret Key - 24th March

Originally set to launch in February but now pushed back to March is Atelier Ryza 3: Alchemist of the End & the Secret Key.

The Switch is home to plenty of titles in this RPG series, and Atelier Ryza 3 is the latest to join the list. In this one, Ryza and her friends are living on Kurken Island when news of a sudden appearance of a mysterious group of islands in nearby waters arrives. To find a way to save her island, Ryza and her friends will set off on a final adventure surrounding the roots of alchemy.

More Upcoming Switch Games For February And March 2023

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So that's it for February and March — did we miss anything? Let us know with a comment and tell us if you've pre-ordered any of these goodies!