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In typical Nintendo fashion, the company this week shadow-launched not one, but two Legend of Zelda titles on the Nintendo Switch Online service.

The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons and Oracle of Ages originally started life on the Game Boy back in 2001 by the now defunct Capcom subsidiary Flagship. The games remain fan favourites to this very day thanks to their ability to link up with one another via passwords, with Seasons opting for a more action-oriented approach and Ages focusing more on puzzle gameplay.

Of course, the games' launch on the Nintendo Switch Online service also allows players to utilise the password system and get the most out of the experience. The question, however, is which one should you start with first?

Zelda: Oracle of Seasons / Ages - Which Should I Play First?

The honest answer is that it really doesn't matter which game you opt to play first.

It comes down to personal preference, ultimately, as the games are remarkably similar to one another in many ways; it really just depends on whether you value puzzles or combat more with your Zelda games. As we mentioned earlier, Oracle of Ages is more focused on puzzles while Seasons is more focused on combat.

So if you feel like a more combat-focused experience, start with Seasons. If it's puzzles you're after, then Ages is the way to go.

Is there a chronological order?

There's the slight matter of chronological timelines and the Zelda timeline in general. It really doesn't matter which you choose to play first and we'd urge you to just follow your own gut feeling with this, but one game does come first in the official Zelda timeline.

Nintendo's own official Hyrule Historia book does technically place Oracle of Seasons before Oracle of Ages, so if you want to play then in the "correct" order, then start with Oracle of Seasons and then move onto Ages.

Which game is harder?

If you're worried about difficulty, then again, this is going to come down to personal taste.

That said, a good chunk of the Zelda community regards Oracle of Ages as the more difficult experience, recommending that you start with Seasons first for a more approachable entry. Others, however, like VGC's Chris Scullion, recommend going for Ages first, as Seasons is said to have a more difficult final boss.

Of course, linking the games together will grant you bonus items and upgrades that will make your second playthroughs a bit more palatable.

So that's really it. Hopefully, this has provided you with at least some idea of which game to start with first, but as we've repeatedly stressed previously, it really doesn't matter. Play both and enjoy both.

The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages / Seasons - Which Will You Play First? (1,118 votes)

  1. Oracle of Ages
    Oracle of Ages35%
  2. Oracle of Seasons
    Oracle of Seasons65%

Let us know in the comments below how you're getting on with Oracle of Ages / Seasons and which remaining Zelda games you'd like to see on the Switch.